Constant Aviation Completes Industry-Leading 17th 7,500-Cycle Inspection of the Challenger 300 Series, World’s Most Popular Super Midsized Aircraft

• Constant Aviation completes its 17th 7,500-cycle inspection, the most comprehensive for the Bombardier Challenger 300 series • The Challenger 300 series is the world’s top-selling super midsized aircraft, with almost 800 delivered since 2004 and many reaching this critical mid-life milestone • Constant Aviation has completed more of these inspections than any MRO in

Ladies and Gentlemen START YOUR ENGINES!!

Protect Your Aircraft During Prolonged Out-of-Operation Time I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. It has been unprecedented times during the COVID-19 pandemic with stay at home orders, social distancing and only essential businesses remaining open. Our industry has followed suit and the operations of business aviation have been drastically reduced and even

Business Aviation’s Dirty Little Secret

Have you ever had that scratchy throat feeling while deboarding your flight? Is there really something to this common belief that–when you fly on a plane, you have a greater chance of getting sick? Are airplanes really nothing but a giant petri dish with wings? If this is true, what can be done to help