Constant Aviation secures exclusive application rights of MicroShield 360, an EPA/FDA approved antimicrobial coating system, for interiors of business and commercial jets.

CLEVELAND, OHIO — August 30, 2018 – Constant Aviation, a full-service aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) company with a nationwide network of facilities, announced completion of a MicroShield 360 application for its Part 135 client, Champion Air. MicroShield 360 is an antimicrobial coating system that kills 99.99% of pathogens and ensures the treated surface is inhabitable for an entire year. The product is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and protects the surface to which it’s applied by constantly reducing microbial contamination of over 90+ pathogens including bacteria, viruses, and all flu strains.

The proprietary aircraft application is performed exclusively through Constant Aviation. Highly publicized stories on the flu report commonly handled objects and surfaces that are contaminated can act as a reservoir for bacteria for hours, weeks, or even months – spreading the potential infection to people who come in contact with it. “Offering MicroShield to the commercial jet industry is another great example of how we are constantly striving to understand our customer needs and exceed their expectations,” commented Stephen Maiden, Constant Aviation President and CEO.

“Choosing to apply MicroShield 360 in our aircraft fleet was a no brainer,” stated Scott Peterson, Champion Air Director of Maintenance. “We want to offer every additional advantage to our customers when they choose a flight partner. Peace of mind of the added protection from MicroShield 360 to keep passengers healthy while traveling is one of them. They can’t afford for the team to be grounded due to illness,” added Peterson.

Constant Aviation secured application rights with MicroShield in August. The process applies the solution and it immediately begins to polymerize across the treated surface with minimal dry time. This makes it a very easy choice for owners and operators as it does not require any lengthy down time.

“We have already scheduled our next Part 135 client, SkyQuest, and completed more than 20 private jet applications thus far. MicroShield 360 is available for all airframes, both business and private jets. Our network of facilities in Cleveland, Mesa, and Orlando are equipped to do the application along with an additional service center in Teterboro,” noted Maiden.

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Constant Aviation is one of the largest and fastest-growing MROs in the country. It specializes in airframe and engine maintenance, major repairs, avionics, interiors, and paint. In addition, it offers extensive parts distribution through its CARE (Constant Aviation Rotable Exchange) division and accessory and composite services through its Nextant Aerospace division. Constant Aviation services the vast majority of business jet airframes through its nationwide network of facilities and mobile technicians. It has raised the bar in aircraft maintenance expectations and provides customers with a one-stop shop for their business and private jet needs.

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