Official Aircraft Maintenance
& AOG Support of the NHRA

Constant Aviation is the Official Aircraft Maintenance & AOG (Aircraft on Ground) Support of the NHRA as well as the official sponsor of the NHRA’s iconic Factory Stock Showdown class. Constant Aviation specializes in aircraft and engine maintenance, major repairs, avionics, interiors and paint. In addition, it offers mobile response services through its AOG division, and engineering, accessory and composite services through its Nextant Aerospace division. With more than 15 years of expertise in a comprehensive array of business jet airframes, Constant Aviation has raised the bar in aircraft maintenance expectations by focusing on quality, always.

    Constant Aviation NHRA Factory Stock Showdown Logo

    “There are a lot of synergies between the work that Constant Aviation does and the NHRA. The skillsets of our technicians and engineers are very closely aligned. The requirement to operate safely and provide quality work – always is something that both organizations can recognize.”

    — Constant Aviation Chief Executive Officer David H. Davies

NHRA Constant Aviation Factory Stock Showdown Schedule 2021

Constant Aviation NHRA Factory Stock Showdown Logo